A Brotherless Life Or A Botherless One?

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t intend to hurt or offend anyone’s feelings with brothers around.

One of the darkest and the most prevailing mindset that has been continuing from the primitive days is gauging the strength of a woman by the number of sons she bore. And in case she failed to produce none, then those emphatic eyes and sentences like

Haye bechari ka koi beta nahi” “Kash k ek he beta hojata“, “Burhapey ka sahara hota“, follow her to the grave.

I clearly remember, when my mom was expecting her third and the last one after a gap of nine years, people from family and far off acquaintance would ask me being the eldest to pray whole-heartedly for a brother this time to bring an end to our brother-less years.
Dil se dua mango, Allah miyan bacho ki dua qubool karta hai“, was what they used to say.

Everytime there was a baby boy in a gathering, they would ask me and my younger sister to hold him caress him but we used to brush off this stupid notion and continued praying for a sister again because we were obsessed with pinks of feminine.

And to utter surprise, our prayers were answered. We were blessed with a cute little doll this day, sixteen years ago.

(Yes, it is her birthday today)

While my mom, a bit disheartened from the societal pressure called my father and told,

“It’s a girl again”,

He scolded her back and said,

Shukar karo sehatmand aulad se nawaza Allah ne“.

Life progressed further with a mandatory question everytime we met new people. The questions would either be “Kitne bache hain aap k?

Teen betiyan hain mashallah

Ohh tchh! Beta ni hai?


Kitne behen bhai ho?

Jee we are three sisters mashallah

Aur bhai?”

Jee koi ni

Aye haye! Chalo allah malik hai

The point of sharing this is the fact that people without sons and brothers do have a life. Yes they do. There are surely some difficulties they have to face but then, whose life is a bed of roses?

Our fathers might have to work for extra years.

Our mothers might have to do house chores without an additional help of a daughter-in-law.

We sisters might have to rush between admin offices, college departments, university surveys- ALONE.

We might have to pay extra visits and go extra lengths to cater to our parents needs but if a son can do so, why can’t a daughter too?

Does it makes our family any less of a normal household?

Does the fact of having no other male at home except our father outcasts us from the society?

Do we starve for fresh air or other basic necessities due to no other bread earner?

Certainly not!

Showing sympathies and throwing emphatic glances does not make us feel blue but rather represents your low mentality of considering a son as a life-time asset when he is not. Neither is his wife or kids. They are free to opt for the living system of their choice Islamically!


With only a few challanges to face, living among sisters is the best blessings from Almighty. They are your best friends by birth. They are the non-judgement party. They are a mother’s strength and the father’s pride. They are each other’s support always ready to back you up.

While everyone is pampered by their brothers, we sisters coddle each other infinitely.

While others ask their brothers to bring them their favourite food in the wee hours, we sisters order meals of each other’s choice.

While other parents proudly flaunt their articles gifted by their sons, our parents with content faces declare their presents gifted by their daughters.

While other’s children are spoiled by their maamus (maternal uncle), my child is pampered by his khalas and khalu.

We don’t have to worry about our parents being taken care of or being treated ill by any outsider entity.

We are the glory and advisories of our parents home and enjoy serving the purpose.

We are the Queens of their home, without any fear of giving up on our titles, ever.