On Your Third Birthday

My dear son,

The moment I heard your first cry at 11.55 am and the moment when you were given to me and I held you in my arms, so close to my heart is something I so profoundly remember and will continue to cherish until the last of my breaths.

It has been a delight to see you grow from a tiny little peanut sized body on the ultrasound screen to turning three years of age today.

Your tiny, fisted hands that would always clench upon my finger are now capable to do little chores and making you lesser dependant upon me, gradually. And one day, you shall become taller, taller than me and maybe your father too outgrowing my hands that once covered yours. The fragile baby is turning to a stronger, a masculine boy over the years.

One day, you are going to be independant and self-sufficient, no more relying upon me to bathe you, select your clothes, set your hairs, trim your nails, put on your socks and shoes.

One day, you will be marrying a girl who shall be your soul partner and life-long companion. She will be the one with whom you will set your goals, aims and fulfil your dreams. You will be starting a family and have kids. You will be having your own worries and happy times.

Let me tell you something my child!

The moment I got to know about giving birth to you, I held a strong opinion with full determination of not looking upon you as my lifetime asset. We, your parents do not spend upon you as an investment that shall reciprocate when your father retires. It is our duty to provide you with the best of everything only to see you standing at your own feet, settling in your life and leading a happy, uninterrupted and content one with your wife and kids with zero interference from us.

I do not want that girl to water the plants of my home. Rather I want her to set a garden and nourish the flowers at your home. I do not want to assign her duties or ask for serving me. I want her to look after you and your home. I want to see her as the queen there flaunting her title beautifully.

Everytime you throw a tantrum or show anger and a stubborn reaction, I calm you down. Often politely and sometimes through scolding.


Not because it is wrong. But due to the reason that I do not want anyone to question my upbringing. I shall not approve the idea of you being unable to control your temperament. I shall not entertain the fact of anyone complaining me about you specially your wife.

This is the foremost I can do for you being a mother. To raise you as the best of a person, a son and a husband.

You are too small to understand all this right now. But my purpose of conveying this is to let you know that I had these plans for you from the very beginning.

You being my first child shall always stay closest to my heart because you are special. You are the reason that Almighty granted me the honour of motherhood. You completed me as a woman. Your brought happiness in our lives. You made your parents have a family of their own. You defined “we” and “us”. It is only the three of us. You, me and your father. My safe haven. My entire world. My happy place.

A very happy 3rd birthday to you my dear Arsal.

Picture credits: https://www.instagram.com/cheftographergirl/

May you live long, happy and healthy and enjoy all the bounties life has to offer you.


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