Charms Of Monotony

While everyone of us, some time or the other gets bored with the monotony of our lives, the wearisome and mundane affairs and the daily grind that sits ahead of us every night and waits for us to get in gear and start the drive all over again next day,

Have we ever thought or experienced the consequences of a certain task from our unvaried routine that we are not able to perform due to any xyz reasons?

Just yesterday, I stayed at home unable to pick my son from school due to my husband’s commitment elsewhere. Though, I got a chance to enjoy an extra long, steamy, uninterrupted shower, I felt my heart at a complete loss.

I saw a void in my day, a gaping hole.

Like something’s lacking.

Like the picture has missing colours.

The uljhan, the discontentment, the unsatisfaction, the depression.

And then I realized the crux of this situation. Though the tedious routine does make our life seem dull and colourless, we however get so used to it to the extent that it surely becomes the reason of us staying busy, happy and productive all day long. It grants us ultimatum, aims and deadlines to work on.

It gets us going.

Because as Benjamin Franklin said,

It is the working man who is the happy man. It is the idle man who is the miserable man.

Isn’t it?

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