When Maturity Strikes

What does maturity mean?

In simple terms, it means the state of being mature.

This state doesn’t confine solely to the physical growth of a person. It also (majorly) refers to the bloom of emotions and escalation of thoughts. It occurs when depth of anything is more visible to the naked eye than the surface alone. When you can see and think beyond the boundaries. It happens when the human brain blossoms and the thoughts racing within find a new fathomless dimension. It hits when your heart is touched by tiny acts that never made sense before.

Maturity is a perspective that is unseen before it hits. It is an enormous plain with a single entrance and no exit. Once entering it, the naive and immature you is lost somewhere behind.

Maturity strikes when you are able to see through your heart and feel through your soul.

It happens when you can listen to the sea waves while enjoying their chorus and understanding the untold stories it conveys with every motion.

When you can understand the melodious rustling of leaves while inhaling the fresh cool breeze fluttering against your skin.

When you start enjoying the fragrance of moist sand after rain and every dew drop seems to be a shining pearl. The pearl of hope.

When the darkness prevails, the night extends its realms and you can feel all ecstasies of the night’s calmness searching peace within.

Maturity occurs when you can see the pain behind smiles and sorrows behind happiness. When you can recognize the forgone youth behind those fine lines on an old man’s face.

Maturity comes when you can differentiate between an apparent liking and the real love. When deep words of poetry and drama dialogues start making sense to you.

When forgiveness matters more than revenge. When silence feels more comfortable than nonsense. When your heart becomes more welcoming and hostile than ever before.

You are a mature being when one day you notice the hardness of your father’s palms depicting an entire lifetime of struggles and hard work. When you realize the endeavors of your mother throughout your up bringing while looking silently at her swollen feet.

When you have your heart aching while any of your sibling is passing through a difficult time. When death of a loved one shakes you real hard and pushes you to 10 years further.

Maturity does occur when one day you are out of your high school and the life suddenly feels changed. When looking at the few notes and coins inside your wallet at the end of the month throws you in calculations and evaluations. When the carefree you at once changes to the responsible and concerned one.

Maturity comes to hug you when there is no other option in front of you but stepping into the practical world, confronting its ruthless blows and embracing its bitter realities with a smile.

When did you step into the merciless world of maturity?

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