The Baba Fever

Yes you read that right!

Out of the many other ongoing fevers among kids including the “baby shark doo doo doo” being my favorite too, the baba fever (or whatever the child calls his/her father) has always sustained its place in most of the houses and many children fall prey to this bemusing virus leaving their mothers puzzled and unable to take hold of the situation at times. You must be thinking what’s this new thing about. So let me give a few explanations to further clear the presumptions you are already making towards it.

The first time you get to know you are expecting a baby, your heart swells with joy and happiness. You try to ace the 9 months duration enduring all the hardships and other difficulties that come along as a combined pregnancy package just for the sake of this new comer that’s growing inside and is the closest to its mother than anyone else. There is a strange communication of the unspoken words and feelings going on between you two. And as the due date approaches, you get excitedly eager to see the face of this amazing little soul you have been nourishing inside for a long time and connecting with for the entire period. Finally one day the curtains are lifted and boooom! He turns out to be resembling to not you but somehow to his father! Anyhow, our mind completely overrules this sarcasm of fate because after all it’s the little one’s father you fell in love with first!

The second bombshell falls on you when the baby enters the age where he starts babbling and guess what the first properly formed completely audible word that comes out of his mouth is? It is “Baba”!!!

*empathetic tap on shoulder*

At this very moment you do feel a little blue with a pang of realization that all those endless days and nights of you staying awake feeding, burping, changing diapers and clothes and sheets while dozing off and aching to get a little rest finally payed off with an Oh so dear “Baba” and not “Mamma” for the start.
But we mothers falsely try to overlook this reality too completely being lost in the euphoria of celebrating the fact that our baby finally started speaking. People in the surroundings inquisitively ask if the baby speaks a word or two yet and we proudly declare “Yes! He says Baba”

Ironic isn’t it

*(Now this one is for the mothers who have borne some extraordinary clingy children towards their father)*

Moving on further, the baby that is now a toddler has fully developed his sense of importance pertaining to both his parents who sees his mother as the epitome of love and care and his father as an ultimate source of fulfilling all his materialistic demands along with ‘car mein bahar le k jana’!
The worst case scenario then happens when Baba goes out of town for a few days for work matters. That’s when a few mothers like me realize how badly we are failing to tackle the situation despite trying our level best because of the immense tantrums our toddler is throwing all day and night due to these few days of detachment with baba. All day long you are tormented having to hear your toddler crying his lungs out and saying “Baba chaiyen”, Baba pass jana hai“, “Baba kab aenge?” You get tired of answering the same thing again and again but they never get exhausted repeating the same question“When will Baba come?”. And even worst is when your phone lights up ringing with your better half’s name and you are unable to speak because another severe round of crying has just started in front of you and you only get to answer back and say “baad mein baat karti hu”.

This is when helplessness strikes you so hard and rather than being jealous and having no time for letting your heart out which is equally necessary to keep your sanity intact, you decide to summon all your strengths and try your best to shower all the fatherly love but at the end of the day you are a mother! A compassionate mother personifying unconditional love whose job is to brush her unshed tears aside, tenderly open arms to receive her crying baby, squeeze him into a Mama Bear Hug, nestle him warmly in your lap and say “Soon Inshallah”!

Ever happened to go through this? Let me know how you survived via comment or email. 🙂

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