Proving it wrong

Unfortunately we belong to a society which has already set attributes that go along with either of the two sexes. So if you happen to be a female, then congratulations! There are a number of traits you are required to possess. And if by any chance you don’t own a few of them then you are declared with a lack of feminism or a female heart.

A few of the constant things we have been hearing soon after entering teenage go like Pair jor k chalo, oonchi awaz se ni haso, aese ni betho, aese ni khao etc etc etc. I myself don’t have that typical woman-ish gait because maybe my feet are not designed to walk that way. And yes my laugh has been quite famous back in school, among my friend circle and family. But I survived and got married too. So these are forcibly believed to be a hindrance in the rishta stuff and moreover I guess it is totally okay to be yourself.

Apart from all this, “the love of cats” is a basic rudiment attached to the female gender. She is considered “oh so cute” and very “girlish” if she does have some pet love in her heart but why only Cats?? There are many out there who may have “Ailurophobia” which is the extreme, irrational fear of cats and me being a severe case of that.

Now, What do you call a girl if she rather opts for love of reptiles?Instead of loving cats, I do have a soft corner in my heart and a lot of love for all species of reptiles since I was a little girl. I have always had this feeling of being able to interact with them through my bare hands and naked eyes.

This was my first time holding a turtle back in 2010. Cute isn’t it?

Being a roach and lizard killer of my pre marriage and post marriage home, my family has admired me for this and at the same time loathed the fact that how on Earth can a girl do this. But since everyone else fears them, this responsibility automatically falls on my shoulders solely.

Earlier this year while vacationating in Malaysia I found some lifetime moments to cherish. The butterfly farm in Cameron highlands has far more creatures than just butterflies.

As soon as we got off the bus in Cameron highlands from KL we signed up for a sight seeing tour because we had only a day there to explore. Among the most famous tea fields, Rose garden, bee farm and strawberry farm the butterfly farm has my heart.

Moving a bit further from the butterfly family, the farm caretaker took us towards what took me by surprise and extreme happiness. He offered us tourists if we would like to hold them and me without having a second thought and looking at my husband who was already gaping at me with wide horror eyes I willingly took hold of this.

And this…

The one below was rather a cute leafy something.

My family had little issues seeing these pictures until the one below. They were literally on the verge of out casting me unless I pleaded them and made all realize k these are also a makhlooq of Almighty. Received a lot of “Hawwws” and “Hayee” and “Ewwws” but shoq ka koi mole nahi.

You can see the tourists in background amazed and laughing.

The story doesn’t end here. I found it to be very less of a snake and more of a thin rope which didn’t give me enough pleasure to be claiming to carry or hold a full fledged snake. So my hunt for a proper, big and a more beautiful snake began. And secondly I had to make my husband hold it too because dar k agey jeet hai. And thirdly for everyone to know that there is no harm in girls being daring. It doesn’t make them manlike.

After Cameron, went to Langkawi from Penang and searched a lot till we got to know there’s a big one there in Langkawi Bird Park. When reached there we got to know there are still 3 hrs for the photo shoot with the gorgeous reptile. My husband was so happy and relieved because of the fact that we couldn’t stay that long as we were running short of time and had to leave within an hour to cover other sights. But me being so eager and persistent on have the moment of my life talked to one of the workers there and requested a lot to free open it for just one picture as I came a long way for only that. He sensed the plead in my voice and asked me to wait so that he may talk to the head of the park about that. And to my sheer joy what happened next was this…

My last goal was to persuade Mr.husband to have a pic of himself clicked like this to which his reply was a straight “NO” signalling end of any debate or further discussion. That same worker helped him relax a lot and while other wives ask their husbands to help them in house chores, I asked him to do a thing like this so that when we grow old together, we have a lot to smile about and cherish. And so that I may prove to my son and future daughter that it is very much acceptable for girls to follow their heart and be daring with no stopping if they have the passion. Because the Haw Haye brigade of our society however despises girls for such interests which is wrong.

Just do what you love irrespective of your sex and socially set rules. Feel obliged towards following your heart and mind. Because you don’t have to be a male to be fearless and courageous and anything that comes under the category of dauntless and valiant can never ever question your gender.

Yes I am a girl and I cannot necessarily like cats.
Yes I am a girl and I can love snakes and lizards and roaches.
Yes I am a girl and I can do whatever I love to within my known limits.


What are your comments on this? I shall be happy to know.

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